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About Ferdinand

Ferdinand le Grange is a 2-time Sports Emmy award winning cinematographer and Steadicam Operator hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. At age seventeen, he began working alongside his father, a news cinematographer turned director and producer. Ferdi studied at Stellenbosch University, and continued to work with his father. It was through these hands-on experiences in the field that his passion for cinematography came to fruition.    In 2002, Ferdi was ready to branch out and seek out new opportunities. An ad at the local mall caught his eye: “Work, Play, USA.” This prompted him to leave home for periods of time to work and live in the United States. He enjoyed hopping back and forth between South Africa, Mt. Snow, VT, Beaver Creek, CO and later southern New Jersey. It was there that he landed some freelance work with NFL Films in 2009. By 2015, Ferdi began working for NFL Films full-time as a senior staff cinematographer. He now works in TV and Film as a camera and Steadicam operator.   Ferdi resides in South Jersey with his wife and two daughters. He is a passionate self-starter, creative, and extensive hobbyist. He enjoys surfing, photography, cooking, watching films and brewing beer. 

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